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What can Comgent MSP do for you?

Managed supplier program or MSP for short refers to a company that takes on the primary responsibility of managing contingent workforce for a company or organization. An MSPs acts as an extension of your business and is a strategic method for optimizing your daily operations.

Having a bespoke MSP such as Comgent provides your company increased visibility on contingent headcount spend, full and timely access to talents requirements, and significantly reduces costs. It achieves all of this while being fully compliant with international, national, and local regulations.

At Comgent we streamline, simplify and manage the contingent workforce supply chain from acquisition to final payment, and every process in between.

Benefits of Comgent’s Managed Supplier Program

Enhance Program Visibility

One of the biggest challenges with managing a contingent workforce is getting a clear picture into your expenditures across the enterprise.

Comgent will provide your organization with clarity on important metrics, such as level of spend, time to fill a position, quality of placement, and more. All this collected data will in turn help you make informed decisions regarding your workforce in the future.

Decreasing Operational Costs

Our processes are transparent, standardized, efficient, and will save you time and money by:

  • using single time approval system for all of your contingent workers
  • using single purchase order
  • sending just one invoice per month
  • having your procedures and processes streamlined

Mitigate Risk & Receive Expert Support

Businesses may face increased risk and liability when engaging in alternative work arrangements. By working with Comgent, your organization will benefit from our external expertise on best practices regarding compliance and insights regarding local, regional and global regulations and processes.

Get Better Access to Top Talent

Comgent will optimize your supply chain and ensure access to a variety of skilled talent. Through supplier rationalization, we’ll help you build more strategic relationships with your vendors to ensure high-quality talent.

Our company has vast and proven expertise in sourcing highly qualified personnel. You can rest assured that we’ll help you find the right resource for your company when and where you need it.

Build and Nurture Managed Talent Pool

Direct sourcing and managed talent pools provide your company with an agile and talent-centric model of engaging with and deploying flexible workers. By creating a closer relationship between the business and employees, you’ll achieve greater cost savings, as well as engage and re-engage highly-qualified contingent talent quickly and effortlessly.

Achieve Talent Supply Chain Efficiency

Vetting and negotiating terms, standardizing rates, processing payments and other talent supply chain management functions all require tremendous management. Our MSP solution uses proven processes and technologies, such as vendor management systems (VMS), to create a more efficient, transparent and accountable supply chain.

Improve Flexibility and Scalability

Fast-changing market conditions demand that companies adapt quickly. Having a highly flexible workforce can help you achieve greater business agility. Because our managed supplier program works with an extensive supplier base, Comgent can quickly find alternative talent.

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MSP Services

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