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By offering world-class talent on demand, Comgent bridges the gap between highly-skilled talent and the needs of a successful company.
From providing cost reduction & transparency to ensuring full compliance with local, national and international employment laws,
we represent the perfect solution for your staffing and recruitment needs.

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The Benefits of Working With Comgent

Save Money

Enjoy a low, fixed, and transparent margin uplift for the highly-skilled candidates sourced and screened by Comgent.

Save Time

Comgent’s recruiters have the experience and skills to thoroughly assess candidates based on your requirements. Save time and energy by receiving only the most targeted and best-suited CVs.

Save Resources

At Comgent, our recruiters have extensive understanding of the global market and can source across a variety of specialisations and industries.

Here’s what our talent has to say about working with Comgent

Talent Testimonials

  • What I like most about Comgent are the communication, transparency and people. Communication is always great and quick. Transparency was always key to me because it's the only way to make things work. And people are the most important thing to me, it's the human side of things that I really like about Comgent, like having good conversations about non-work related stuff 😉

  • It has been a pleasure working with Comgent, it was smooth and effective. I always felt fully supported from Comgent’s side as they always kept me informed and aligned, giving me clarifications when I needed and also taking actions when necessary. I want to thank you all for your great and very professional way of working! As a result of this, despite we didn't ever meet in person I felt part of the team and I strongly believe this is a great achievement.

  • A very supportive and great team!  Comgent provided me with a conducive and employee-friendly work environment, which helped me deliver quality work to the client. In terms of career growth, it also provides the best platform to enhance knowledge and skills. I am very glad to be associated with Comgent and I love the company’s mindset regarding diversity.

  • Thank you for all the support, help and interest displayed throughout the entire process, you are all doing an excellent job. I consider myself lucky to have ended up in Comgent because of the people that I have come to work with over this time and I am happy to have known you.

  • You guys did a really good job of keeping me updated on any news and about my invoice payment which was always prompt. I’m glad I decided to work with you. I never have any problem at all. All the best and keep providing the same great service.

  • I have very much enjoyed working with Comgent! Looking forward to work again in the future! I was a contractor with Comgent from 2017 to 2021. I was very happy with their service during this time. I was always paid before due time and was catered to by very helpful assistants and managers. Never had a problem. I would work again with Comgent in the blink of an eye, no questions asked.

  •  It was a great experience for me to work with Comgent. I felt supported all the time. It is worth working with Comgent because they always support your growth and try to help you in your personal and professional career.

  • I have cooperated with Comgent for 3,5 years and I have to admit that was a really great working relationship. The Comgent team is very proactive and supportive in all daily matters. When my person was being represented by Comgent, always everything was very transparent to me and the team was doing all formalities and taking care of every detail. I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated working with Comgent. This is the way how a professional and modern contracting agency should be built.

  • (MSP services) - The efficiency and professionalism of Comgent have been exceptional, making our collaboration highly valuable. Comgent services are already excellent, leaving little room for improvement. Keep up the great work.

    Oleg B.

Covering a wide range of industries

Find World Class Talent

We specialize in highly skilled talent across various industries:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Networking (Service Provider, Enterprise, Cloud/Data Center)
  • Cloud Computing and Storage
  • DevOps / DevSecOps
  • SDN and SD-WAN
  • Application Development
  • Complicated Environments
Nominally Available Comgent Resources
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As a one-stop-shop including ad-hoc sourcing for specific project requirements, Comgent can serve as a supporting layer between your company and your contingent workforce.

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