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By offering world-class talent on demand, Comgent bridges the gap between highly-skilled talent and the needs of a successful company.
From providing cost reduction & transparency to ensuring full compliance with local, national and international employment laws,
we represent the perfect solution for your staffing and recruitment needs.

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The Benefits of Working With Comgent

Save Money

Enjoy a low, fixed, and transparent margin uplift of just 10% for the highly-skilled candidates sourced and screened by Comgent.

Save Time

Comgent’s recruiters have the experience and skills to thoroughly assess candidates based on your requirements. Save time and energy by receiving only the most targeted and best-suited CVs.

Save Resources

At Comgent, our recruiters have extensive understanding of the global market and can source across a variety of specialisations and industries.

Here’s what our talent has to say about working with Comgent

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Covering a wide range of industries

Find World Class Talent

We specialize in highly skilled talent across various industries:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Networking (Service Provider, Enterprise, Cloud/Data Center)
  • Cloud Computing and Storage
  • DevOps / DevSecOps
  • SDN and SD-WAN
  • Application Development
  • Complicated Environments
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Looking for a company to manage your contingent workforce?

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Supplier Program

As a one-stop-shop including ad-hoc sourcing for specific project requirements, Comgent can serve as a supporting layer between your company and your contingent workforce.

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Looking to get access to top companies in your industry?

Here at Comgent we have a people-first approach. This means that you will get prompt responses to your questions, great tips on getting hired, and access to a fantastic portfolio of potential clients.


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